Sunday, November 20, 2011

'Rahm'-ming through Wrigley Takeover?

Growing up in Greater Boston, Theo Epstein may have thought he understood the influence of politics on public affairs—including sports. After all, the main reason we don't have a 21st century replicate of Fenway Park is provincial political intransigence. Shut up and enjoy your obstructed view of "America's Most Beloved Ballpark".

But Theo ain't seen nothin' yet. Chicago, known for gangsterism and rough politics (sometimes indistinguishable) now has a White House renegade as Mayor. Rahm Emanuel, who was Obama's pit bull Chief of Staff, is bringing new meaning to Windy City hardball. Not only has he fired former Mayor Daley's nephew from the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, he's talking about re-starting an old plan to have the state of Illinois acquire and renovate Wrigley Field. That oughta give his new owner a case of the "Ricketts". Good luck, Theo!

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