Saturday, March 31, 2012

Theo Compensation Issue May Not Be Over

The "significant" bounty the Red Sox received in exchange for Theo Epstein's services underwent elbow surgery in Alabama yesterday, and Darth Lucchino is not happy. Word is that the Boston CEO will seek further compensation from the Cubbies—with the not-so-subtle implication that the Carmine Hose were snookered by their old GM. The whole episode had a surreal quality to it—four months of dancing around the issue in a (supposed) friendly manner—and then a far less than "significant" prize in the Sox red Christmas stocking.

Given the history between Lucchino and Epstein, you know this will not end soon—and may not end well for the North Siders. Once again Commissioner-In-Name-Only Bud Selig is nowhere to be found.

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